Shipment Tracking

Air cargo services
Business exigencies compel business decisions in the modern age.
As more & more e-retailers add to the flock there is a whole new positive
undercurrent in the Air Cargo trade. The Air-Cargo business since Apr 2017
has shot up from 21% to 25%- an exponential, hitherto unprecedented growth.
As speedy delivery becomes the buzzword, the airline industry, after years of losses, has recognized the possibilities of a business upsurge. Vigour Logistic welcomes these new business avenues wholeheartedly & looks to serve the Air-Cargo sector with a multitude of special offerings. Specialized handling of bulk consignments, sent via cargo flights to various destinations, in 24 to 48 hours, includes door-to-door delivery of priority consignments like medicines, vegetables & fruits.Our trained personnel are on top of the situation at every point in the consignments journey.